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What our customers are saying...

"Taylor Creek Physical Therapy by far exceeded therapy I've ever experienced anywhere else. I'd never consider anywhere else."
~ Florence

"You guys were great! Always smiling and making a person feel important. Thank you."
~ Dawn

"Kristi and her staff do a wonderful job. I would recommend Taylor Creek to anyone in need of physical therapy."
~ Pete Becker

"I had chronic pain in my Achilles tendon for months. Kristi, Ben, Amy and Nicole were extremely knowledgeable and pinpointed my problem immediately. In just a few sessions, my pain was gone. They have a very professional atmosphere and have very flexible scheduling. Thanks for everything."
~ Lee Witzel

"I went to Taylor Creek with 3 bulging discs in my back. The staff at Taylor Creek has given me my health back, and in doing so, showed professionalism and dignity. Their procedures and graduating steps of progress in treating me has truly been amazing. They have taken me from despair to optimism in a short time. I highly recommend them."
~ Glen Nordby

"I couldn't have asked for better physical therapy than Taylor Creek. Thanks to them I am walking and feeling so much better. They take their time and patience to make you feel so much better. I wouldn't hesitate to tell people where to go for therapy. Thanks for all you have done for me."
~ Diane Bruckner

"My Doctor was thrilled with my progress! I was glad I picked Taylor Creek for my PT after shoulder surgery. The Taylor Creek staff was amazing!"
~ Marjie

"I highly recommend Taylor Creek Physical Therapy. They are a great bunch of people. I couldn't have done it without them. They are like family to me. This is the best choice, by far. Thank you for everything."
~ Hilda Dittberner

"I'm satisfied with my rehab at Taylor Creek P.T. Everyone was nice to me. I'd recommend this therapy place to anyone and everyone. I like to come to a place that will talk to you, very friendly."
~ William E. Bals

"Following my accident and knee surgery, Taylor Creek Physical Therapy was most cooperative in working with me in scheduling my therapy sessions at times that were convenient for me. The staff is very friendly and professional. They put me through the necessary paces and communicated with my Doctor to hasten my recovery time. I would recommend Taylor Creek for your physical therapy needs."
~ Duane Choutka

"I really appreciated the treatment I received at Taylor Creek Physical Therapy. The staff was both professional and courteous. After a few weeks of therapy, I felt so much better. I would definitely recommend Taylor Creek P.T. to anyone needing physical therapy."
~ D. N. - Madison, NE

"Taylor Creek PT's staff uses the latest professionally recognized techniques to restore proper and necessary function. However, they also train their patients in techniques that can be done at home to fully recover their physical potential even after their PT sessions are over. That's rehabilitation in the truest sense of the word!"
~ Arlene Range

"I recently had both of my knees replaced at the same time. I chose Taylor Creek PT to do my therapy after surgery. I live in Madison, but work in Norfolk. This was real convenient since they have locations in both towns. I soon found out after just a few visits that the locations are handy, but the knowledge of the entire staff is really what makes the difference. Their staff really knows how to push you hard to succeed and at the same time, understand your weaknesses. I can't thank the professional staff enough at both locations for the progress I have made in my recovery."
~ Rick Schommer

"I had back and leg pain for several years and did not want to continue to take medication. I was referred to Taylor Creek and my experience with Kristi, Ben and Amy was terrific. I can now move without pain (or pills!) and when I do feel uncomfortable, I was taught a variety of exercises that I can do to get me back on track. I appreciated the patience and care that I was given. Should I ever need more PT, I will return! I strongly recommend the professionals at Taylor Creek - thanks to them, my life is much healthier!"
~ J. C.

"As soon as you walk in the door, you feel welcomed and know you're among friends who are ready to help with your pain. Kristi and her staff knew exactly what needed to be done and proceeded in a very professional manner. While carrying out their jobs, they put you at ease and calm your fears. They really make you work, but when they're done, you're in top shape. I've had shoulder surgery, knee replacement and balance problems. Their help has given me back my life, one without a fear of falling. Thanks!"
~ Linda Adams, RN

"The only words I can use for the care I received at both the Madison and Norfolk clinics are "awesome" and "very professional". Kristi, Ben and their staff are the greatest. They have helped relieve me of the pain I had since both knee and rotator cuff surgery. Blessings!"
~ Mickey Weidne

"When I came to Taylor Creek Physical Therapy, I had put up with back problems for several years. Ben and Amy worked with me to strengthen my core muscles, and despite a fall on the ice last winter, they quickly got me to where I was much more flexible and pain free. The experience was great!"
~ Mark L. Johnson

"I appreciate all the caring staff of good listeners at Taylor Creek Physical Therapy. By working together they developed a solution to ease and finally end my discomfort. Their encouraging, positive attitude "almost" made it fun to go to therapy. I also appreciate their staying on time with scheduled appointments. I would recommend this friendly group of professionals to anyone."
~ Edie

"My first thought is "I love the relaxed and friendly atmosphere". I'm very comfortable when I come here. I also appreciate that when a PTA is working with me, Ben makes sure I'm doing things right. Of course I would rather not have to be doing this, but I feel Taylor Creek has been very beneficial to my getting better. Thank you everyone!"
~ Joyce Anderson

"Before going to therapy I had difficulty straightening my back. With the therapy I received from Taylor Creek, I am now able to walk with a straight back! Their staff is very well trained, compassionate, and effective. I highly recommend Taylor Creek for therapy. Going to Taylor Creek Physical Therapy was a very pleasant experience!"
~ Louise

"I would have to say my experience at Taylor Creek Physical Therapy was pretty darn good! Ben and the rest of the staff were very nice people to have to get me back to the way of life I had prior to what brought me to their facility. I probably did my fair share of complaining, but they all took it with a smile on their faces. Thanks, you are the best!"
~ Karla Uhing

"I went into Taylor Creek Physical Therapy with a lot of lower back pain. The staff was very helpful and made coming there fun. Ben was good with explaining the exercises to me. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs therapy for any reason."
~ S. L.

"I really appreciated the treatment I received at Taylor Creek Physical Therapy. The staff was both professional and courteous. After a few weeks of therapy, I felt so much better. I would definitely recommend Taylor Creek P.T. to anyone needing physical therapy."
~ Kristi J. Johnson

"You always wish for good, professional care from health care workers and facilities. Taylor Creek P.T. is one of the best. My experience was great. I liked their knowledge, passion, caring, and motivation. They are the best and would recommend them to everybody! They are professional and respectful."
~ Jayne

"I keep coming back because of the friendly atmosphere and the great benefit for me physically. Kristi came highly recommended by my doctor and once I started with Taylor Creek Physical Therapy I decided this was the place for me."
~ Brian Wernere

"Both my husband and I have benefited from the services at Taylor Creek P.T. They provide a very friendly and comfortable atmosphere. The staff is always ready to help in any way and provide exceptional, individual therapy."
~ S. S.

"I had elbow surgery in 2009 and shoulder surgery in 2010. With the help of Taylor Creek Physical Therapy, both recoveries were very successful. The staff are all very personable and professional. Give them a call before your surgery."
~ Terry Pfiefer

"I have had knee, shoulder and hip surgery. I also had plantar fasciitis. I had excellent results after my first surgery, so I continue to use Taylor Creek Physical Therapy for all my therapy needs. I recommend them to anyone wanting a good therapist. The staff at both the Norfolk and Madison locations are friendly and very helpful."
~ Phyllis Siecke

"Thanks for the great care I received from your staff at Taylor Creek PT. Your diagnosis of the problem was right on. The shoulder and arm pain I was experiencing when we started has disappeared completely. You all did a great job. I'm certainly recommending you to anyone in need of physical therapy. Thanks!"
~ Leon Weiland

"I was very impressed with the expertise regarding the physical therapy I received at Taylor Creek. Kristi Jagels makes all ages of patients feel comfortable in her presence."
~ G. A., Norfolk

"It was very difficult for me to do the required cardiac rehab after my open heart surgery. Because of the bursitis in my hip, I was very limited in my mobility. I was unable to take anti-inflammatory medication or cortisone shots. Upon the advice of my orthopedic doctor, I became a patient of Kristi Jagels at Taylor Creek Physical Therapy. Thanks to Kristi and her very qualified staff, I have made outstanding progress in my mobility. It's great to be back to normal activities in such a short time. I'd recommend the skills of Kristi and her staff anytime to anyone."
~ T. M. S.

"First, I want to thank Kristi and Ben for their help and support along the way in all my recoveries. Also, thanks to the P.T.A's in all their hard work and dedication in helping me recover. My experiences at Taylor Creek Physical Therapy have always produced rapid recoveries. Every time I have walked out of the building, I have felt stronger and faster. Taylor Creek Physical Therapy has been the best therapy I have ever experienced because they are updated on the newest, most effective, most efficient procedures to have their clients leave feeling 100% recovered. Not only was my experience as a recovering client superb, but the friendly environment helps in numerous ways. There are always friendly smiles and positive attitudes in the air. Taylor Creek Physical Therapy is a great place for rehabilitating clients to recover in a timely manner, enjoy their time while at therapy, and leave feeling better than before. Thanks for all the support and help from the P.Ts and P.T.As while recovering, but also for the friendly support. Thanks again for everything!"
~ Kaintrel Unger

"Competency, professionalism, compassion, and friendship are the words that come to mind after receiving rehabilitation services at Taylor Creek. Over the course of my stretching and strengthening therapy following rotator cuff surgery, I’ve seen firsthand how Kristi and her staff dedicate themselves to restoring children, teens, adults and seniors to full functionality.

I’ve always felt I was too busy to spend time in a gym exercising, but the gains I’ve made through the efforts of the Taylor Creek staff have convinced me that learning to exercise properly is vital to the quality of life I hope to have in retirement. I urge others to put their post-surgical rehabilitation into the capable hands of Kristi and her staff. My recovery is ahead of schedule and I’m learning an at-home program that compliments my sessions at the clinic.

I chose Taylor Creek Physical Therapy because of the good recommendations I received from former patients. Now I can sincerely recommend Kristi and her staff to you."
~ Marilyn Moyer

"When I made the decision to have both knees replaced, I didn’t consider any other clinic for physical therapy other than Taylor Creek. Kristi and staff provided me with personalized motivation, empathy, and encouragement so I’m nearing my full range of strength, movement, and flexibility. The staff nourishes an atmosphere which alternatively allows me to focus on my treatment plan, and join in the camaraderie between patients and personnel. Not only does Kristi allow me the opportunity to make some of my own treatment decisions, she also “changes up” my plan to hone in on my weak areas.""
~ Chyrel Remmers