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What is PRI?

The Postural Restoration Institute™ trains therapists to recognize and effectively treat normal imbalances and typical patterns presented in the human body. The body is not symmetrical and that is a good thing. The bodies’ asymmetry is truly an amazing design. The neurological, respiratory, circulatory, muscular and vision systems are not the same on the left side of the body as they are on the right. They have different responsibilities, function, position and demands on them.

When a strong pattern emerges because of dominate overuse on one side, the increased demands on the body's system creates structural weakness, instabilities, and musculoskeletal pain syndromes. Your position is important! The pattern you move in is important! Patients that present gradual pain, a reoccurring knee, back or shoulder pain, or chronic muscular tension are all compensating in a pattern of asymmetry. These fundamental asymmetries only become a problem when we can no longer work with them and become a slave to our own design. Because of our internal asymmetries and because we function differently on our right than we do on our left, we have a tendency to become locked in certain predictable patterns. People get locked into these patterns at varying degrees. The more locked up they are, the more compensation can be seen through testing.

Are you generating force or demands from muscles that are poorly positioned? What if you don’t address how your body has compensated in this pattern when you walk, sit at a computer or play sports? As a PRI™ therapist, we address your initial symptoms as well as the underlying problem that started your pain in motion. A PRI™ therapist will look at the right side of the body differently than the left. Evaluation and treatment of an impingement in the right shoulder is done in a different manner than an impingement in the left shoulder. Patellar tendonitis often is treated differently depending on which knee is symptomatic. The goal is to prevent the symptoms from reoccurring through education about your biomechanics. We will help you identify the position and pattern that creates your pain and how to correct the imbalance. We will instruct you in the correct positions of exercise that are very different on the right side of your body than your left side. Lastly, we will show you how to manage your symptoms independently once you’ve completed your treatment.

How will your POSITION today PATTERN your future?

Common symptoms treated by PRI™ Therapy?

  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Headaches, jaw pain or popping
  • Reoccurring  strains, spasms or tension
  • Low back pain or sciatica
  • Tendonitis or bursitis

Benefits of Treatment with Postural Restoration®

  • Decrease pain and irritation
  • Eliminate unwanted muscle tension
  • Increase mobility and flexibility
  • Improve respiratory function
  • Improve athletic and movement efficiency
  • Improve spinal stabilization and core strength

If you’ve tried traditional therapies, medication, injections, multiple physician consultations, massage, bracing, resting from the pain or even pushing through the pain... and you haven’t found relief. Call or stop in to see what PRI™ can do for you. Please read our patients’ testimonials and view the video testimonials on how PRI™ has changed peoples’ lives.

We hope this explanation of PRI™ therapy provided you with an introduction to the Postural Restoration Institute™ and its concepts. For more information on PRI™ therapy, please visit or contact Taylor Creek Physical Therapy.

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