Taylor Creek Physical Therapy

Serving Northeast Nebraska Since 1999

What We Do

POSTURAL RESTORATION (PRI™) is a treatment method that is different than traditional therapy. A PRI™ trained therapist assesses the entire body, evaluating movement patterns and positions. Patients are then educated on how they are able to change their posture, position and biomechanics which will ultimately relieve their symptoms. PRI™ is an innovative approach that understands how the body's movement patterns, postural positions and skeletal structure can create unnecessary torque, strain or tension on muscles and joints. PRI™ is based on extensive scientific research and evidence-based clinical findings that address diagnosis that include sciatica, low back pain, scoliosis, hip/pelvic pain, breathing difficulties, jaw pain/TMJ, headaches and neck pain. PRI™ therapy achieves excellent recovery in sports rehab and is used at the highest levels for sports performance enhancement.


We strive to provide a fun, team-oriented setting, helping to keep patients positive and motivated throughout their treatment. We educate patients about proper posture and body mechanics to prevent future injury and disability.

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